Trudeau Wine Cooling Sleeve - I say T BAR Iced Tea Cooling Sleeve

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There are many products out their that are only used for the purpose they were designed for like this wine cooling sleeve, but I always think outside the box and these cooling sleeves are perfect for transporting not only wine but some pre-made T BAR iced tea syrups!!!! 

Simply buy your favourite 1.25L still spring water bottle, remove 35-40ml of water from the bottle and add 35-40ml of your favourite T BAR instant iced tea syrup into the bottle. Shake it up and when going out use one of these Cooling sleeves to chill down and transport to your party.

  • simply store in freezer until required
  • wrap around a room temperature bottle to cool it down in minutes
  • unfolds for easy storage
  • flexible sleeve with adjustable closure.

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