Wooden 6 compartment tea bag storage box "Tea is the answer to anything" AQUA

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Keep your collection of tea bags in a storage box that keeps them fresh smelling and ready with the same garden aromas that makes your tea time so delightful. Made of MDF, given a rustic finish that is beige and aqua in colour and carrying a message on the top which will resonate with all tea aficionados.

Keep it on the kitchen table, the mantel shelf or your coffee to tea drinking den-there is no reason why you would not like to flaunt its rustic look. Made from MDF, solid in its structure and large enough to hold several types of teas in this tea box, is an accessory for your tea time affording you the freshest of storage for tea bags, keep the T BAR 10 packs that tea bags come in and make use of this splendid tea box designed exclusively to keep it fresh and smelling just as you would want your tea to.

  • Material: MDF
  • Size: 23.5x15x8cm

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