Avanti Garlic/Ginger Press Rocker

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You may be asking yourself what does a Garlic Rocker Press have to do with tea. Well when I feel a little under the weather, congested or have a cough I cut some fresh garlic or ginger root and put into my T BAR peppermint tea with honey. As everyone knows garlic has many natural health properties.

This garlic rocker press is so simple to use, crush or mince garlic cloves easily and evenly. Can also be used for crushing or mincing peeled ginger root.

Unlike traditional garlic presses this press crushes cloves quickly and evenly, forcing the pieces up through the perforated arc. Crushed and minced pieces are collected on the inside surface of the press, allowing them to be spooned or scraped easily into a infuser or cup (bowl or pan when using to cook with).

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