ayurveda hammered copper drinking water bottle flask reusable 1 litre

Copper Water Bottle 1 Litre Hammered Finish - Ayurvedic


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With Ayurvedic teas in our range, it's only fitting that we offer copper drinking bottles.

Copper is claimed to have natural antibacterial and antiviral properties which assist with maintaining a healthy gut, so filling this vessel with water or cold tea is claimed to naturally cleanse the water from any impurities.

We recommend you fill it with room-temperature water the night before or a minimum of 3 hours. Do not refrigerate as the copper naturally cools the water right down.
  • 1 Litre in Volume
  • 27cm Tall
  • Silicone Seal on Lid
  • The flask will tarnish/oxidize naturally. Hand washing only is recommended because if washing in a dishwasher the caustic detergent in the tablets will oxidise the flask and the benefits will be stripped from the bottle.

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