Infuser Stainless Steel Barrel Shape Large on chain

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Perfect for teapot infusion. Barrel shape fits into teapot neck diameter as small as 45mm. Can be used for infusing in mugs or cups.

Simply unscrew the lid, fill base with loose leaf tea and hang in your teapot or on your cup or mug using the hook on the end of the chain to sit on rim of cup or mug. Once your desired infusion time is achieved, simply remove by holding the hook. Allow to cool, unscrew the lid, then knock out the infused tea, rinse clean, allow to dry ready for your next cuppa.

  • Made of high grade stainless steel with very small laser etched holes.
  • 55mm tall. Lid diameter 41mm. Barrel 37mm diameter.
  • Chain 110mm long.

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