Designer Tea Infuser Oriental - TOAST WEAVER - Copper


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The WEAVER Oriental Designer tea Infuser basket is an exquisite yet practical tool when infusing straight into a teacup or mug. 

Initially inspired by the traditional Asian style noodle boiler, the aesthetic drop-shaped copper element at the top of the infuser can be used as the handle of the infuser. The large-capacity-infuser is suitable for oriental tea leaves like Oolong tea or Lung ching (Longjing) tea, also suitable for herbal and fruit melanges.

  • Made from 18/8 Stainless Steel with ceramic drip tray
  • Dimensions 64 x 108 x 78 mm
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Exceptional quality and design!

A true design statement TOAST (brand) was born in 2007 summer. Their design ideas all come from observations in daily life. Focusing on the practical aspects and the essential elements of objects, we create great experiences and lots of fun for our users. In all TOAST products, they keep seeking for the spirit of fineness and balance, just like the meaning of Chinese words ”jun”: a condition of mellowness and elegance. In ordinary days, TOAST hope to inspire people’s life with their mellow yet elegant products. TOAST to Life!

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