Traditional Chinese Tea Making Asseccories Tool Set

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Tool kit" The tool kit consists of the scoop, pusher, tongs and funnel.  These are generally kept together in a vase-like utensil. All made of Bamboo, 2 styles to choose from.

  • Scoop Used so that a standard amount of tea leaf can be measured for your infusion. Depending on the type of tea leaf, the scoop usually holds between 3 and 9 grams of tea leaf.
  • Tea Tongs Tea tongs, also known as tea chopsticks, are small tools used for warming tea cups. Using the tea tong, the tea artist picks up the tea cups to discard the first serving of tea.They can also be used to pick out the brewed tea leaves from the teapot.
  • Pusher stick It can be used in conjunction with the scoop to gently push the tea leaf out of the scoop and into the teapot. Can also be used to remove spent tea leaf from the pot when cleaning, it looks better than a finger in front of guests! Not very often used.
  • Funnel- Facilitates filling the teapot with leaf. This looks more like a ring than a traditional liquid funnel which in the image is just above the bottom holder of the tools. You place this in the neck of your traditional Chinese teapot and use the scoop to pour the loose leaf tea through the funnel ring.

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