About Us

From humble origins..

There are few things you remember having for the first time. There are fewer still that remain so clear in your mind that you possess an undiluted connection through time to the point where you stopped being someone who had never tried something to suddenly becoming a person who had. Our first cup of tea is just such a memory. Brewed by our mum, Stella, and shared around her 70's retro laminate kitchen table, this magical imbibe will forever conjure memories of that place - the aromas, colors and textures of home.


To a bright & healthy future..

Today our family is bigger, yet T BAR remains proudly an Aussie family-owned + operated business and good tea is still very much at the heart of what we do. Now, rather than only making tea to enjoy around our kitchen table we offer it to you in over 120 blends and varieties so you can enjoy around yours.  Available in quality loose leaf tea form, or in 100% plastics-free, compostable and bio-degradable paper or pyramid style teabags too. Whichever you prefer, we've got it to make your tea sipping experience special every time.

Everyone knows about tea’s numerous medicinal effects, but it’s better than that. A good cup of tea is simply good and in sourcing all our leaf direct from the growers, we revel in the knowledge that T BAR tea brings authentic flavors from Australia and around the world, to your teapot at home.  

Most importantly T BAR tea helps you relish the moment when someone smartly suggests putting on the kettle.

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