Ice Block Moulds & Refillable Ice Pop Sticks - Assorted Styles & Colours


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Lets have some fun and think of summer all year round with this fabulous range of ice block moulds.

Why not brew some of your favourite T BAR tea, let it cool and pour into these ice block moulds and freeze for a healthy summer tea ice block. You can also use our instant ice tea syrups Earl Grey, Lemon, Peach or Strawberry. Make a batch, drop some fruit pieces into the mold and fill with made iced tea syrup & freeze.

  • To make using one of our Lemon, Peach or Strawberry  instant iced tea syrups simply add 1 tablespoon & 1 teaspoon of iced tea syrup to 440ml of filtered water and pour into each mould and freeze. You and your children will love how amazing and easy it is to make.
  • Having an adult party? Why not add some vodka or gin to the tea mix and freeze.



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