Bevande Commercial Grade Teaware/Crockery- Cups, Saucers and Creamers


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The Bevande range of teaware & crockery was our choice crockery used to serve our teas in our T BAR stores. Many cafes & restaurants still use this durable range . They are commercial grade, and take the extreme ware & tear beating of daily use. Perfect glazing on every piece that does not fade and always looks new.

  • Perfect for venues that are rustic or have earth tones, our Bamboo colour is calming and will suit all your beverage needs.
  • Mix & match with a different saucers and teapot.
  • Cups 200ml in volume
  • Saucer 140mm in diameter
  • Creamers 100ml in volume (can also be used as a tooth pick holder)

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