Cut Glass Iced Tea Mixing Jug or Chalice


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The timeless cut glass style on this series of glass chalice & mixing jug are glam personified.

They're so "what's old is new again" and will always be in style.

Perfect for making and serving cocktails, but for us tea merchants, well, we've been having fun using them to make delicious iced tea cocktails. 

Sturdy commercial grade/quality - great for the home bar or the hospitality sector.

Try this recipe out for yourself:

Sublime Strawberry/Lemon/Peach/Earl Grey T BAR instant iced tea syrup + Gin or Vodka cocktail

Makes 1 chalice


  • 2 Pumps of T BAR Instant Iced tea (any flavour works - or why not mix flavours together to get a fruit punch kind of thing happening).
  • 250ml Sparkling water/soda water 
  • 30-40ml Gin or Vodka of choice
  • squeeze fresh lime juice
  • wedge of lime
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh berries of choice
  • Sprig Mint

To make: 

Place iced tea syrup into your chalice, then mix in the sparkling water, gin + lime juice till combined. 

Add in the ice-cubes, berries + mint + lime wedge and serve with a straw and perhaps a cocktail umbrella!!

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