Digest-T - Tummy Tea Herbal Blend

Digest-T - Tummy Tea Herbal Blend


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T BARs Digest-T herbal tea has been carefully blended with the finest herbs to relieve stomach issues from bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion issues right down to just merely over-eating. From the very first sip, your cheeks will fill with the sweet flavour of the licorice root- this sweetness is only revealed in the mouth, however and not on the nose, which makes it a pleasant surprise. The best thing is that your tummy woes will be alleviated in no time.

How to Brew

Boil fresh water to 90ºc.

Add 1 level tsp to a cup, or 1 heaped tsp to a pot.

Infusion time: 5 - 10 min.

Re-infuse up to 3 times.


Experience the all-round benefits of our herbal tea blend, blended to provide digestive support and relief from common tummy-related concerns including de-bloating.

This carefully crafted blend contains all natural ingredients known for their digestive properties, helping to alleviate bloating, soothe bowel issues, and provide relief from stomach pain and cramps. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a happier, more balanced digestive system.

Sip on this soothing tea to support healthy digestion and promote overall gut wellness. The gentle yet effective blend works harmoniously to ease digestive discomfort and promote a calm and settled tummy.

Whether you're dealing with occasional digestive issues or seeking to maintain a healthy gut, this herbal tea blend is your ally. Enjoy the comforting flavors while reaping the benefits of a happier, more harmonious digestive system. Prioritize your digestive health and savor the soothing qualities of this all-round tummy tea.


Licorice root, peppermint leaves, fennel seeds, calendula flower and stinging nettle. Caffeine free.

Disclaimer: The above information relating to this blend is only a guide & is not intended to be a cure. Please seek medical advice from your practitioner before consuming or mixing with other medication you may be prescribed or if pregnant or breast-feeding.

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