Pu Erh Tea - Tuo Cha Vintage Spring 2012 Compressed Tea Cake

Pu Erh Tea - Tuo Cha Vintage Spring 2012 Compressed Tea Cake


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Tuo Cha Pu-Erh grown in the Yunnan Province of China - the birthplace of tea, is compressed Pu-Erh tea usually made into the shape of a bowl. It was a shape discovered in the ‘70s where ‘wet piling’ of the tea leaves was found to age the raw Pu-Erh much faster than the traditional Beeng Cha way. Oxidized twice, this tea is down to earth and delicious. The natural flavour of Pu Erh tea is unmistakably good. It’s believed to cleanse toxins from the body, quicken metabolism, lower cholesterol, is good for the cardiovascular system and promotes good bone health and even aid in weight loss.

T BARs Pu-Erh (pronounced Poo-air) Tuo Cha is of the Spring 2012 vintage.

Pu Erh tea only gets better with age like a fine wine

How to Brew

Boil fresh water to 90ºc.

Break off a small piece of Tou Cha tea cake and place into a cup or teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over leaves.

Infusion time: 3 - 5 min. Remove leaves from water to ensure infusion remains smooth not bitter.

Re-infuse up to 3 times.


Black tea (camellia sinensis) compressed.

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