T BAR Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags/Pouches/Tea Socks/Urn Bags


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Disposable tea bags to use anywhere with your favourite loose leaf tea popped inside!  Great when you're travelling or just want to drink your own tea blend rather than inferior tasting tea. 

The smaller bags are perfect for filling and hanging on the edge of your keep cup and sealing lid, allowing the tea to infuse inside the cup.

The large urn bags are perfect if you have a 5,10, 20 litre urn. Fill these urn bags with your desired tea and weight (approximately 3g per litre guide), heat seal if you have a heat sealer, or tie using food grade twine and leave a length of twine to hang over rim of hot urn to be able to easily remove. Infuse to desired strength and time, remove from the urn, lower the thermostate to keep tea warm and allow guests to despence ready made tea into cups. We supply many catering/function houses with these bags.

  • Made from Paper.
  • Heat sealed on 3 sides with top open to allow filling.
  • Can be heat sealed once filled, or tied closed with food grade twine.
  • Can also be used to fill with herbs and spices when making stock and other meals.

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