Cocktail + Barware Iced Tea making tools


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It's easy to make the same tea beverage over and over when using a measure. From a glass measure to a professional jigger. Use these measuring cups and jigger for a perfect dose of our instant iced tea syrups, or for making that tea cocktail.

*Professional Stainless Steel Cocktail Spoon/Jigger is made of 18/8 high grade stainless steel

  • 9cm tall
  • has measurement guides inside jigger in ounces
  • 1/8oz = 3.7ml
    1/4oz = 7.4ml
    1/2oz = 14.8ml
    3/4oz = 22.2ml
    1oz = 29.6ml
    1 1/2oz = 44.4ml
    2oz = 59.1ml (nearly double the volume to the glass measure)
  • beautiful pouring beak for precise pouring
  • the tapered based fits comfortably between your fingers for confident handling.






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