Tea tasting spittoon

Tea Tasting Spittoon


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When we visit tea gardens on our hunt for the next amazing T BAR tea, we must rigoursly taste many varieties. As with wine we also taste and grade tea by slurping a teaspoon of tea into the mouth and experiencing the flavour and tannins of the tea. We don’t swallow the teas being tasted, and like wine must spit them out, wash the palate  and try the next tea.

You will probably think it is strange offering such a product on our website, but we are serious about tea and we have many who are serious too about tea. At the end of it all this is a nice vessel that can be used for many other uses, perhaps as a vase or water jug.

  • Made of Iron with a matt cream finish
  • 22.5x20.5x31cm in size
  • Care Instruction - rince with fresh water and wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Made in India

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