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Introducing our exquisite tea pots adorned with stunning floral and fruity motifs.

Ideal for garden enthusiasts who cherish moments of relaxation after a rewarding gardening session, these tea pots serve as perfect gifts. They allow one to bask in the beauty of their garden while enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Capture the essence of nature's splendor and create a tranquil oasis with these charming tea pots. Treat yourself or surprise a fellow gardening enthusiast with this thoughtful and visually captivating gift. Experience the joy of sipping tea amidst a serene garden setting, where both flowers and all of nature gracefully coexist.

Various designs to choose from...

  • 600ml in volume
  • Size: 19.5x12.5x10cm
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Tea Pots have removable stainless steel mesh basket infusers.

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