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The Ghan - 'Nine-T'- Commemorative 90th Birthday Blend - 10 Pyramid Tea Bags


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Are you aware that the magnificent 'Ghan' celebrated its 90th Birthday in 2019! Yes 90th year!! 

We at T BAR were honored to be approached by the amazing team from Journey Beyond to be part of the celebrations to create a commemorative tea blend. It was requested that the criteria of blending flavors depicting their 90 year history included the influence of Australian, English and Afghanistan, as all these cultures contributed to what this amazing train has become - Iconic !

T BAR an Australian family owned business, not quite as old as The Ghan,  (a mere 70 years younger), developed the bespoke blend based on the cultural flavor requirements and the final blend became the beautiful stand out that the team at Journey Beyond fell in love with. 

So the Ghan Nine-T blend incorporates our Organic English Breakfast tea for the English influence, Australian native dried Quandong pieces for the Australian Influence, and the spices of the orient for the Afghani Cameleer influence namely turmeric, aniseed, cardamom, ginger, cloves, & chicory. The flavor is a chai style blend due to the spices, but has a subtle fruity note from the Quandong, truly ethereal. 

As Co-Founders of T BAR we were so privileged to have been invited to experience the journey first hand on the incredible Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin and must say, was one of our greatest life experiences to date.

Enjoying some amazing stops on the way which included tours to locations that were incredibly spiritual and still leave us with goose bumps reminiscing of the Australian outback, is truly life-changing.

The entire journey was made even better by the outstanding & professional team of the Ghan who went out of their way to make you feel like they were life-long friends.  The food and drinks experienced in the beautiful dining carts will remain unforgettable.

We could go on forever but to be honest you must experience the journey yourself... and see Australia on this larger than life train ride.

Click on the link to view just a few of the photos snapped on our unforgettable experience.

Just check out the stars in the night shots, they are 100% real - no photo-shopping here! I'm the one wearing the hat  & I took the photos as a night shot watching a morning sunrise at the outback breakfast stop in Marla. Placing the camera on the train tracks, long exposure shots were taken.

It was such an amazing and interesting journey to have taken with my sister + Co-Founder Peggy - our Master Tea blender, and hope that one-day you too can experience this once in a lifetime rail journey through the centre of our beautiful country. 


*T BARs paper tea bags are all 100% compostable + bio-degradable and do not contain any plastics that some of the other tea brands do.

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