Tulsi Holy Basil Herbal Tea Organic

Tulsi Holy Basil ORGANIC Herbal Tea


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Discover the many benefits of Tulsi Holy Basil herbal tea, also known as the Queen of herbs. Her calming, strengthening properties promote a healthy lifestyle and help ward off the lurgies, great for memory loss prevention too.

This revered Ayurvedic herb is believed to bring longevity to those who worship her.

How to Brew

Boil fresh water to 90ºc.

Add 1 level teaspoon or 1 tea bags to a cup or mug, or 1 heaped teaspoon or 2 tea bags to a pot. 

Infusion time: 5 - 10 min.

Re-infuse up to 3 times.


ORGANIC Tulsi leaves. Caffeine free.

Disclaimer: The above information relating to this blend is only a guide & is not intended to be a cure. Please seek medical advice from your practitioner before consuming or mixing with other medication you may be prescribed or if pregnant or breast-feeding.

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