Ayurveda Woman Blend Herbal Tea

Ayurveda Woman Herbal Tea Blend


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In times of increased pressure when healing is all you crave, this Ayurvedic blend of herbs & spices for the female soul will fire the coals and transcend the mind.


How to Brew

Boil fresh water to 90°c. Add 1 level teaspoon to a cup, or 1 heaped teaspoon to a pot.

Infusion time: 5 - 10 min.

Re-infuse up to 3 times.


Orange Peel, cinnamon, fennel, liquorice root, cardamom, ginger & dandelion root, angelica, cloves and juniper berries.

Note: Premium Silken Pyramid Tea bags are all Compostable + Biodegradable (natural non-gmo/certified organic sugar cane starch mesh)  

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