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Yerba Maté - Pau D'arco


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Get on board for Rio de Janiero and get ready for an all-night Carnivalé.

Yerba Maté tea, or Pau D'arco a beloved beverage in Brazil, comes from a holly like tree and throughout South America, is known for its invigorating and stimulating effects.

This zippy little drink has gained popularity for its ability to provide a natural boost of energy and alertness. Maté tea contains caffeine, which contributes to its stimulating properties, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a pick-me-up during the day and trying to wean off of coffee.


Yerba maté, a remarkable beverage, offers a plethora of benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, boasting a wide range of 24 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 15 amino acids.

One of the distinguishing features of yerba maté is its non-acidic nature, setting it apart from coffee. Many people find it to be a gentler alternative to traditional tea due to its lower tannin content. As a result, it is often perceived as less bitter and more pleasurable to drink.

The caffeine content of yerba maté can vary based on factors such as brewing time and the quality of the product. This provides flexibility for individuals seeking different levels of stimulation from their beverage.

*NOTE: Contains Caffeine and may act as a stimulant.

How to Brew

Do not use boiling water, cool to 80 degrees using cold water.

Add 1 level tsp to a cup, or a heaped tsp or 2 to a teapot or gourd.

Infusion time: 3 - 5 min.  A short infusion brings about a stimulating effect. Drink like a conventional tea, or if using a Maté gourd, use a Bombilla Straw and keep topping up with water.


Pure Yerba Mate - Brazillian (Ilex paraguariensis)

Disclaimer: The above information relating to this tea is only a guide & is not intended to be a cure. Please seek medical advice from your practitioner before consuming or mixing with other medication you may be prescribed or if pregnant or breast-feeding.

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